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Pilot School

ANTA Pilot School in Cancun

Why Pilot School

Throughout my life, I have seen countless kids claiming that their only ambition in life is to become a pilot. I mean how difficult could flying a plane be for a child? The only thing they would have to do is move the stick. I used to think the same. Just go to an airport, get hold of a plane and start flying.

Going Back to School: Oh, No!

It was really during my early teens when I found out that in order to become a pilot, I have to go to pilot school. The thought of going to school again terrified me to no end. But it was my lifelong dream, and I wasn’t going to abandon it just like that.

I finally mustered the courage and willpower to attend pilot school. To my benefit, my family, especially my parents, supported me on my journey to becoming a pilot. Yes, there were times when nothing made sense and I contemplated quitting, but I persevered, and learned many things along the way.

What Flying School Teaches You

The things you will learn in pilot school will not be limited to just flying planes and taking control in tense situations. You will learn important life lessons that will make you a better person overall. Believe me, when you are left to your own devices in the middle of the sky with the responsibility of getting hundreds of passengers to another destination, you will truly know what responsibility really is.

It’s Not Easy!

I would advise you to steer clear of the notion that everything will sail or in this case, fly smoothly once you get admission into flight training. Yes, I know clearing the admission criteria and tests is difficult to begin with, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s barely scratching the surface.

You might have heard that almost 80%t of students drop out of pilot school at some point. In fact, the turnover rate has actually been on the rise for the past few years. However, do not let these things discourage you from achieving your goal, because once you are done, you will realize that everything that you have learned and achieved was worth the struggle.

Why You Can’t Just Go to Flying School

Attending flight school isn’t something that you just do on a whim. Years of forethought and planning goes into it. Your academic foundation should be strong and you should have all of the prerequisites that flight schools demand.

I had limited options when it came to selecting a flight school. But I am really glad that there numerous pilot schools to choose from today. I know the problems a lot of students face when they are deciding which school to attend.  I will share with you a few things that you should take into consideration before joining pilot school.

Lesson Plans and Course Structure

You can get a great idea of what you are in for just by taking a quick peek at the lesson plans and the course structure for your classes. Many pilot schools offer all the necessary courses. The only problem is that they are not structured properly.

Reputation with the Airport and the FAA

This is the first thing you should check before selecting a pilot school. You can get an immediate idea of the school’s reputation by uncovering their relationship with the local airport and the FAA

Maintenance of the Aircrafts

If the school invests in the maintenance of their aircrafts, it sends a positive message to all of its students. This in and of itself should be enough for you to enroll yourself in the school.


Pilot schools are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. There are a lot of expenses these schools have to cover to keep everything operating smoothly. However, I would advise you to make sure that you are not being ripped off. Try to get to the bottom of how much flight training actually costs.

These are among the main things that you should focus on when you plan to attend flight school. Another thing that I would recommend is to check out the credentials and experience of the flight instructors working at schools. Overall, prepare yourself for a journey that you won’t regret down the line. Only then should you take the highway to the danger zone!